Kentucky Ribs

Our famous Kentucky Ribs, a full rack of 1000 grams- pork ribs marinated and brushed with our own barbecue sauce, charcoal grilled and served with coleslaw and fries.

Brazilian Picanha

Enjoy the flavour of Brazil - Our specialty Brazilian Picancha cut (300 grams) served in chunks on a skewer with fries and fresh side salad

Fioentina T-Bone Steak

Aged for 35 days and cooked on the bone to impact the rich flavour, the T-Bone is a hearty steak with fillet on one side and strip loin on the other, served with fries and fresh side salad.

Chicago Combo

Grilled corn on the cob, pork chop, pork & beef ribs marinated in barbecue sauce, checken leg, a piece of rib eye steak, potato skin topped with mozzarella & crispy bacon and an egg on the side for the best Chicago Smokey Taste !

Cool 'N Cola

only €2.95

Gin Fizz

Only €7.25

Tomahawk Rib Eye

Our Tomahawk Rib Eye Specialty! (1000 grams) This is the classic griller's dream steak Super thick center cut, nicely marbled and extremely tender. Hand trimmed to perfection. Recommended for two, the steak is served with fries and a fresh side salad.